My Sweet Friends .......

I can not express how true the statement  ' i Cannot Wait for Your Messages' is ...... honestly some days when I come in from work and I have been treated like a out dated machine all day , and talked to like an illegal citizen,  and been given the silent treatment when i need to know information to do my job  ( well anyways maybe you get the picture) ..... i login to EP  and see messages from my friends that I treasure ...... it has actually brought me to tears , just a sweet hello and some simple conversation about your day , that is a huge comfort and gift ... if you never knew how much your kind words pick someone up then let me tell you ..... it means the world to me ,  xox .
southernheat southernheat
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2 Responses Jul 1, 2011

Well then, hello there Southernheat. It's great to know someone has reached out, even if it's just to say hello. Plum near excitin' to open up a private message to see what it holds. <br />
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Choctaw. You must be from Mississippi. My wife is part Muskogee (Lower Creek). Glad to hear you enjoy EP.

Great is my friends and my messages that brighten my day