Just wanted to say we are back together. and looking forward to reading comments on our pics.
MyMaranda MyMaranda
55 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Where are the pictures ?

You don't Haaaave any pics

what happened to your pictures Maranda

Please add me as a friend,made my day love to see your pictures

Back together? Hope it is working out. Would be great to see the photos... Always comment

love to. just add me

Happy that you are back together. I will comment in a short while.

Profiles hot love her real woman body !

That is one sexy profile picture

Always loved you pictures. Glad to see you back in your profile picture

Nice profile pic but that's all I see

Maranda, love your pics on kims profile, you are very sexy.

Great pic in other location I know about. Great smile both ends!

I don't see any pics

You don't have any pics. You removed them all. :(

what pics

Add please

Pls add me and I will definitely comment on pics.:-)

That is good. I will comment if I can see.


Plz add, I would love to comment on pics of the MILF!

Please add?

I would consider it a pleasure to comment on your pictures.

I would love to comment on your pictures. Please add me. Thank you

So HOT!! Would you please add me...

Please add us as a friend. We love the avatar and would like to see more of that sexy lady. Check out our albums and leaver some comments. Thank you.

who's that sexy thing in the bathing suit ?? she hot & yummie :) whats say you add me pleaseee ?

add me please

Add me so I can comment!

If that profile photo is anything to go by I would love to see, and comment, on your photo's.

Add more please she is so sexy !!!!!

Love your pics.

great boobs

Please add me and I'll comment on your photos.

Please send pics to

Want to have fun with me? Friends?

Pleased to hear you are beck together, would love to view and comment on your pics as a woman looking for fun too

Who would you be back together with? You avatar is quite nice if that is really you.

Please add me so I can comment on her pix.

U look great ! sexy hot and yummy ! id love to see more of you ! i will comment compliment !

please add so i may view her sexy body and even stroke off to those juicy **** and that sexy *****

you are the nost hottest woman
ummm all my nerves got thghithand ummm
thundering thighs and marvellous booobs
may i see your pictures

Unable to see any pics and can not figure why

Add me

Maranda,you are so hot. All your pix are mouthwatering. I think you have the most gorgeous **** on this site babe.

Please add me. I'll comment on your pics.

Add me, would love to see those pics

Delighted you are back together. I am already admiring your sexy pictures. Love them.

Hugs, Fontana

Would love to see them. Please add me.

Your profile picture is stunning. A smile and a body like that make my day. Would love to see much more.

All your pics ae gorgeous !!! There's no way to pick a favorite. Trade perhaps ?

very hot pictures do you share her?

Hi beautiful !!! love your are breathtaking....thank you so much for the message and kiss... I will keep it forever...I must admit your pics sort of made my sticker peck out... you are now my fantasy girl, hope ya dont mind. would love to hear more about ya and your stories. and always be looking out for ya..thanks are soo pretty.

Well you doin lil a fun adventurous couple I love to hear your stories please add me :)

Wow you look pretty sexy in your bra and skimpy panties!!