Wait Come Back I Love You-----------

The worst thing in the world is to have it taken away because you couldnt express how you felt about it. Briania was the love of my life, but she never knew not even to this day. She would always drop hints to get me to notice which i didnt, because my own brain wouldnt let me be happy because the whole time i was around her all i could hear how she couldnt like me how disgusting i was or how replusive she must find me. I knew logicly my thoughts were imposssible but that didnt take the feelings away. As much as i feared rejection so i choose to be distant just being happpy in her presence but She needed a little more. I couldnt blame her i just didnt think i wouldnt get her back. unable to express affection to her i watched her drift away but i couldnt be with out so i set down the friendship lane. Before i know shes moving in with some joe smo and having a baby i felt my world collaspe i lost the girl of my dreams and if that wasnt insult to injury he wants to cheat on her and treat her like garbge. A fire is burning in me and i know theres nothing i can do. i tried to talk her into leaving him but she responded and go to who im pregnant do you really think i have any choice turns and walks away. i force the words wait come back i love you t to lips but the only thing that came out was some hot air. The i was alone sitting in a living again this is the life i live
Rhammond175 Rhammond175
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2013