Can't Be Loved, Can't Accept Love, I Want What I Am Used to

I don't normally like the newer/slower/sadder Korn suff but this one is ok.. It does make me feel the same as I always did though, I don't know why I still feel this way. Why can I never seem to find any happiness that's real. Why can't i find friends or acceptance. Why don't I feel love like everyone else. Will it never happen to me?



this is an alright tune too

yeah, why the **** is everything so ******* hard for me?

And why the **** wont he just die?

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but you r my friend. I remember what had led you to me very well. I remember our nice talks and then you've gone outta my life ... dkw :(

I do. *hugs* I'm afraid I'm not much of one, though.

Im here holo if you'd consider me as a friend ...

thanks :)

Thanks l.p. I am a lot better now than I was in February.. *hugs* I was actually a lot better later the same day.. I just have moments when the emotion comes back in a wave and crushes me. I'm usually ok.

Words never help during those moments. But I would like to tell you that I've so been there..and you can send me a message anytime you need to talk. *hugs*

Thanks for your comments. =)<br />
I was just in a ****** mood when I wrote that. I was very depressed last winter, too. I'm a lot better now, through using EP and talking to friends, and being told repeatedly that I'm ok. I do love myself to a certain extent now, and someone does love me, and I her. :)

I understand how you feel dude, but sometimes listening to depressing music doesnt help, i know that sometimes you just dont feel right, i understand all too well, but sometimes you just gotta take a walk or talk to someone. i know this sounds all like bull **** but its true. :] Try and make plans to get your mind off of things and if that doesnt work, then maybe you should seriously try and love yourself first. if you cant even love yourself how do u expect to love others or for others to love you? feel better

You have to love yourself first. Do some introspection and find your qualities. I know you have many, you just have to see them and bring them to the forefront. You will see that you're a lovable person and when you exude that love, more love will come to you............. I wish you the best!<br />

Wow, somebody's a sour lemon isn't he? Why don't you have a little toke and go for a ride like I do?