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I Dont Understand It

i secretly hoped it would somehow go back to the way things were, when we were happy.  i finally got the closure i didnt get when he broke my heart. but now i find out he is with someone.  so soon after we parted ways.  i dont know what to do.  its too hard to deal with.  the only time i feel okay is when im at work, busy, my mind is occupied.  then i have time to think and all i can think is why did this all happen?  why cant i deal with this?  i have isolated myself from everone.   im hiding under a rock.  how can he be happy? why cant i stop feeling so miserable? 
CanIPushRewind CanIPushRewind 26-30 5 Responses Feb 20, 2011

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I am struggling through this painful process for three months already and my boyfriend just left for China to work. We have no problem in our relationship but he gave up love because he wanted to save everyone from feeling sad or pain. The main point is that I'm deaf and he is hearing. I told him my friends got married after proving people wrong. This is a test of true love and he did gave up to stop pain. He keeps saying sorry and he knows it's unfair to me. <br />
<br />
I'm crying everyday for 3 months and he knows. Now he is in China and I cannot even contact him. Even emails, he wont reply. His main target is to make me forget him. He forced me to forget him and he felt pain too. <br />
<br />
We put efforts together but his mom came in between us. He gave me hopes but in the end, he told me he cannot get married to me and he is going to China to work. <br />
<br />
I told him I chose love and he said "i know but i'm giving you up. It is unfair to you if i come back, we would never get married with my mom's ob<x>jection....NEVER. I'm sorry we are forced to break up now. You're very beautiful and never give me problems but I must think of future - CANNOT GET MARRIED. I'm sorry."<br />
<br />
I said "why you tell me now? We made efforts to stay together and can we continue being together?"<br />
<br />
He said "cannot be together otherwise you suffer more unfairness. let's stop seeing each other."<br />
<br />
I said "Why you want to force me? Why you are forced to suggest a breakup? Why your mom threatened to kill herself if we marry? I love you and it means I love your family."<br />
<br />
He started to shed lot of cries when I continued saying this and that. I told him "Our love is true and yet you want to stop now. It's painful and you force me to give up our love just for your mom...not for us...we are suitable for each other and yet you want to give me up! It's very unfair to me."<br />
<br />
Now I'm still thinking of him everyday. I gave up my job...I closed my friends networking and closed facebook. I locked myself in my room for 3 months...very painful breakup and I hated to be forced to agree to a breakup.... <br />
<br />
Yes i'm crying now.... <br />
<br />
Always sorrowfully,<br />

samething is happening wit me i even tried to sucide but he said to my parents take care of ur daughter and after dat not even attended my call and never called me even i hav deleted my accounts frm social n/wking sites but he is dere and enjoying very much i just cant imagine hw can a person b happy hurting sum1 first he told me i want to spent my life wit u after interest finished after every 15 dayz leave me no future alwayz like dis ignoring me my call my sms every thing and 1day breakup and after 1 yr his hidden truth is cumng i cant just shout at him i dnt even want to listen his voice but i just want to ask y he did dis to me y?my life seems to b end nw he has finished my trust,love all wat we used to tak,smile laughing i just hate nw if sum boyz try to show dis to me y he used me fr his dirty game y nobdy is dere to punish no GOD no 1 every1 is taking my test i am only ready to give 1 test now just take me to heaven i cant sucide my parents will have to face insult but i no more want to live i am cowqrd i am everything watever people want to say me y dnt GOD take my life and give me peace y hapening wit me after 2 yrs 7 mnths i cared of every moment and tried to keep it safe and just in 1 day everything finished.i dnt want his srry srry can never repair the cup which is broken its just aformality so dat i can say nthing bad to him i am broken nw

That's exactly how I'm feeling. Three and half years together, been through rough times and we still made it. Now three weeks have gone by and she's already saying I love you to another guy. It's like a neverending nightmare that I can't wake up from, and when I go to sleep I dream of us together, which makes waking up harder to do than it already is...

This happened to me too, my ex was with someone so soon. I tried to believe that she was the 'rebound' relationship that relationship websites were writing about...<br />
It's hard, its been over 5months for me and some days t feels like its just happened...

I wish things would go back to the way they were, but they never do