I Feel Betrayed And Hurt.

This is my story. I was in a long relationship of nearly nine years with a fifteen years older than me guy. I must say we had our differences but we had a good relationship. Except that this guy never wanted any real commitment with me. After 4 years I wanted him to move with me in my house but he always found a way out. After some months I left him. After a week I started seeing some one else and he went crazy and did all his best to get me back. After 3 months I went back with him. He promised me that he will change and make things work and I believed him. I tried and believed him for more than four years and things went downhill. I have to add that he was very jeolous and tried to control my life and everything. I was suffocating in this relationship and tried to go of it but it was not easy. I decided that I have to start and say things how I felt and he started accusing me for things I didn't do. Finally he understood that I was no more afraid by him and he left. After a month I met again with the guy I went out previously and tried to avoid him at all cost because i thought it was the best way. This guy made me believe he was crazy about me and he couldn't live with out me. This  guy made me believe that he was the right guy, that only him will make me happy and after giving him a hard time, I gave him a chance. He made alot of promises, had a lot of plans, long term plans. We spent two fantastic months, I couldn't believe how lucky I was , cause he really made me feel special. I never met a guy like this. I believed him. Then all of a sudden in a day he changed, he phoned me and told me that he was feeling not good in a relationship. Then he vanished and I still can't believe what he did to me. I feel very hurt and dissappointed. I feel very angry but deep down I know he is not worth it!! Now I feel I can't trust anyone anymore. I always believed in the right guy but now I only believe that only use you. That's why I am unhappy cause I always believe in love that does'n exist.
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It happened to me too but she was my best friend for over one year. Coincidently, she was 15 years younger than myself. We seemed so perfect together. We also had plans, marriage, holidays, looking at homes etc., then out of nowhere she ends it one day without any good reason. I won't bore you with the details because my stories are there to read if you want.<br />
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I Feel Betrayed And Hurt too, totally let down by someone I completely trusted and believed in. I don't know how I could ever believe in someone's love again. Just to let you know you're not alone 'me76.'