It's Harder Than I Though.

He had been been together for about 9 months, I still blame Myslef for us ending, the last 3 months we were together were the hardest, he called me all the names you could think off, yes I know I messed up, I did things I shouldn't of done when I decided to change it was too late, he was doing he own thing he had naked girls on he's phone, there's was not one day that I wouldn't cry, he would never return my calls, and the more he ignored me the more I would want to talk to him, It was always me asking for forgiveness, he didn't take me serious, it's been 5 months since the break up and I'm still not over him. He has a Gf now, and we go to the same school, I have 3 classes with him, it hurts to know that he's not mine anymore, he belongs to some one else, the hardest part of all is trying to accept it was my foult, Has anyone been though something like this, when you know it was your Foult but you still can't accept it, I need advice on how to let it go,
Mislola Mislola
Dec 29, 2012