I Don't Understand the Last One...

but I have accepted it, and moved on.

I just don't understand how he could, until the day before he dumped me, say 'Your the love of my life'...then the next day 'I don't feel that way about you anymore'

I don't understand why he waited 3 days after my birthday, when he knew he'd meet my parents, and less than a week before Valintines day to do it.

I don't understand how, if he really felt that way for 'a month' he was still sleeping with me...and not alwaysing using a condom.

I don't understand why he felt he had a say in who I decided to date next either.

I just...don't understand it.

Treval Treval
22-25, F
4 Responses Apr 5, 2009

Happened to me as well...What a heart break. Cried for a week. They are just users, mostly immature jackasses regardless their age they have serious issues. No backbone whatsoever. Shame for the time and money wasted on them, shame for the broken hopes and dreams...shame for being blind to warning signs... At the end of it all, this is my life and I want to be happy. Good riddance and bye bye you ar***le !!! Lesson learned.

i hate when boys do this. its wierd because everyone thinks of boys as jerks! most are, but trust every boy breaks down once.<br />
<br />
wow, im so sorry you had to go through this, i imagine its the worst pain ever.

what a completely insensitive *******. i never understood how a guy can tell you he loves you, have sex with you, etc right up until the last minute, then wham! how do they turn it on and off so easily?

I hate how guys are like that. my first boyfriend waited until the night before our 6 month anniversary to dump me.