This One Was Just One Of Those Wtf Moments Of My Life...b

 In all honesty I can accept, and actually think it's a good least after the whole 'break up' conversation.

It wasn't a bad break up, or bad relationship, but when the guy's reasons are 'I don't want to ever date again', 'I don't think I can love', 'I hate women...except you because I can actually connect emotionally with you', and 'I'm miserable with most of my life, so I'll only make you that way' it's just a little hard to make sense out of it.

Especially since he still loves me...'platonically' because he can't love women. Except me. [Again he said this. Twice.]

So...I can accept it, and view as a good, if painful, thing. I just don't understand it.

Treval Treval
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1 Response Jan 11, 2010

As I said, it was a wtf moment. ^^;; I think his whole deal with the love thing was that he loved me like one of his best friends, not romantically. Actually I think he was trying to get at that he doesn't think he *can* love romantically since he is straight, but he hates all women.<br />
<br />
As for letting go...-shrugs- I can't control this, and I certainly can't change what happened, so there's no point in getting overly upset about it. [Though I have *no* intention of remaining friends with him. I know it wouldn't be healthy, and frankly I'm not comfortable being friends with someone who claims to hate all females because they were born that way.]<br />
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Anyways, Thank you ^^ You seem like a really sweet guy, and I'm sorry you can't be with the girl you love. -hugs- I do hope it works out for you someday.