Can't Go On

I now understand how folks get hooked on medication. OMG the pain in the body brings you to your knees, and you beg God to let it stop. People, no way you don't want anybody to look at you as you struggle with every step. Tears flow at the drop of a hat, oh yea emotions run deep when your own body turns against you. Life, oh yea right!!!  Life becomes a keyboard and you thank God when you find understanding are maybe a friend.
Yea life goes on when the pain is so strong, but its not the life you dreamed it would be, but you must fill it with love cause in the end what else matters.
In my other life I never slowed down, in this new one, I want to smell the roses and I have found a new peace, so in the pain with no end, I have my faith, and much love.
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

I also have my faith,however sometimes it just is not enough,especially right now.I want to drift off to sleep and wake up in a world with no pain.Not this world,please,please God take me to your kingdom if I should sleep tonight.

I can only offer up a prayer for you my friend, and I will pray. The sun will come up tomorrow and if you will listen you can hear the voice of the Lord as the birds awake and the leaves gently sway in the wind. Life is really hard now, but the next one needs the strength from within to make it till the next step.Peace to you my friend.

The other side of pain in this world first. That's my wish for you. That you find the place where the broken glass inside has worn off all its edges and you can reconcile yourself with some optimism each morning.