A mask, a mask is all we are. A portrait of emotion, one emotion at a time. Can't let anyone see what's under the skin. That would be a weakness. Weaknesses get you hurt. But a mask, yes a mask protects. Everyone wears masks some have closets full. They may not know it but in their mind deep down somewhere is a closet.
Every emotion has a different face. Watch those closest to you. See if you can see all their masks. Try it you will be surprised at how many masks they have.

Sorry if I rant. It's just one of those times.
Norealidentity Norealidentity
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

The world is nothing more then a masquerade. Now every one dance.

with those mascs we all communicate as actors. we dont communicate with souls and hearts. the is no sincerety...just as a play