But I Try To Control My Reaction

I wander if the authorities are really as stupid as they act?

A governmental car, belonging to national security, was witnessed by hundreds as it ran over some protesters and brutally killed them.

Next day the police said, the car was stolen and the government agent was innocent!

Their solid alibi was that nobody would kill with their own car!?

Such a stupid way of proving a case! And all the charges against the driver were dropped.

I think they awarded him.

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@ Ageing Thinker: thank you very much for the comment, I hope so

LV - never say never. After a decade in Australia, I started to trust people and to trust the system. I haven't become idealistic, rather I started to feel I belong to a system which is made of people who are similar to me. I was 37 when I arrived here. So, I guess, your cynicism has an equally good chance of going away, given the right conditions.<br />
P.S. - .... may Peace prevail ....

@ ageing thinker: I doubt it if it ever recovers, I know I will be cynical for the rest of my life

I grew up in a similar dictatorship. I haven't been back since I left in 1984. <br />
Such regimes cause a huge moral damage. The fabric of trust is destroyed in society, and it takes a long time to recover.

@ frito: They could try harder to cover up, they just think people are stupid and they will buy this crap<br />
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@ Paco: not good at all<br />
<br />
Thank you

Not good.

1Sadly coverups happen... but we should never condone them.