When Ever He Talks

He says something stupid and embarrassing,

He is the most ignorant person I have ever known.

He said holocaust is a lie,

Now he says 9/11 is a lie!

Why God doesn’t just strike him with lightning or something?

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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8 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Whoever you're talking about, if he doesn't already<br />

@ Salar: Sometimes I wander if God really exists? because if he did, he wouldn't bear this

Despot and fanics will grasp at any thing to retain power ......

@ Red: Yes, he is so full of hatred, and he only spreads death and hatred and he is so evil<br />
<br />
@ Paco: I will quote you on that<br />
<br />
@ Soft kitti: I am so sure he was dropped as a kid<br />
<br />
@ I voted for Pedro & Frito Thank you all, <br />
<br />
I just wish he was not a leader!


*sighs* unfortunately I know someone like this ...this type of ignorance has no excuse , can I say it ?...ok I will, it is usually derived from bigotry or just plain , old fashioned , must have been dropped on the head as a babe, stupidity ......what can you do darling ?

Ignorance can be a dangerous mental state. especially if it's voluntary. <br />

Some people just don't care to acknowledge such cruelties in life. Ever notice it's the one's who have hatred for the ones attacked that are most likely to deny an events existence or who would like to believe we are not capable of such horrendous acts? It's sad to live so close-minded and blind that you only see whats in the corner of your eye and not what's directly in front of you.