dead over dark nothingness old blackness dirt

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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

DC you rock! You say just the right things. Thanks for being an A++++ friend :)--8------

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. You'll feel horrible again - it's just the way these things go - but it's important to remember that it does pass and to me, in my darkest days, it has always seemed that fighting against it, not wanting to admit I feel so badly, just makes it worse. Relaxing and just feeling like crap is a shorter path out of the woods.<br />
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You can always talk with me if you like. I've been devastated before and although I'm hardly the queen of stability now, I know what it's like when your world is tattooed black...and I came out the other side.

thank you so much for caring. I felt somewhat better after a good night of sleep. Today went well, except for some lonliness caused by the void he and others once filled in my life. you are very kind.

I am sorry you're hurting so much. When the pain is that bad, there's nothing left to do but go with it and know that devastating pain will sometimes happen, but like all extremes it can't sustain.<br />
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Keep a crisis line handy, though.