Life's Been a Little Bit Rough On Me.

The last couple years have been a whirlwind of hell  for me.  Leaving one job to move to a town I didn't want to live in to take care of someone I didn't want to live with.  Then I ended up taking a job I hated, and living in a house that was falling apart, and had no bedroom door.  Needless to say I was not happy.   Then when the person that I was there to help out was taken ill, I had to take time off to take care of her, and subsequently lost my job.  From there we moved because we lost the house, we moved into a trailer, and then moved towns in the trailer and am now in an apartment.   My relationship is rocky to non-existant, and I'm just not happy in general.   But thanks to the friends I've made here, I'm a little better, but I need major change to happen. 


*update as of 7-28*

The relationship is over, I was kicked out by his mother.  He didn't even ask if I wanted him to come with me, or convince her not to kick me out.   I am in some ways glad, but also very hurt about the way it all happened.    I do miss him sometimes, but I know it's that I miss parts of the relationship and parts of him,  but not enough to keep trying to revive something that died a while ago

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3 Responses Jun 24, 2009

Thank you Candy, I'm still looking for work, and someday I'll find my love as well, but for now, it's nice to just be me,

Blas , have you found a better job ? so sad to hear this has been your situation . It's hard no matter what to be going through this hugs .<br />
That new someone is out there , just wait you'll find him one day . Your to kind of a soul not be given all you desire xxxxo cAnDy

I'm so glad that I have the friends I do, they have had my back the whole time. I don't know what I would do without them.