Rip Great Woman, Actress & More..

Brittany Murphy was an amazing actress, especially in Uptown Girls, I love that movie! It's a shame she had to go so young... RIP Brit!
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I am glad you didn't erase what else you wrote! I feel the same way and wonder myself how far in my life I will get before I pass... It's just crazy to think someone as young and talented as herself could die so young! It really makes me wonder..why do the good people have to die when there are villans in this world that are still causing pain to the world? Why not take them instead of someone innocent? There are so many questions unanswered ... and who is here to tell us the answers?? Nobody knows for sure... I don't know about you, but im not religious, and the whole bible thing just seems to me, like a way for people to invent their own faith that there is someone taking care of them when they die... becasue deep down everyone is somewhat scared death and the unknown....