I Hope It Wasn't Drugs:(

 She was an role model for the "Clueless" generation.. that movie was like a teenage cult classic.. I remember kids mimicking that movie.. Saying "As If".. and "Whatever".. bringing the feathery pens to school..and carrying cell phones.. That movie was SO influential.

 She was so darn pretty.. I loved that movie she did with Dakota Fanning "Uptown Girls" "Don't Say a Word" with Michael Douglas Oh LOVED her in "Little Black book" and "BONG WATER! "Girl Interrupted" Damn... so sad. She had such a quirky, fun, outgoing sense of humor.. She wasn't afraid to be exactly who she was.. She had this edginess and those EYES!!Cute and spunky.. She always reminded me of my aunt Shelly.. wih the lips, the laugh..the whole face 

Oh my... It's shocking. 


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I've read about her death in people magazine and the impression I get is she was very ill from diabeties and anorexic. A close friend came over to the house to see her the day before and found her alone, miserable, and very sick. Her bf refused to call 911, she died alone the next day. I think she was neglected.

I, too was very sad when I heard of her death. I think her greatest role ever was in Girl, Inturrupted. She did a sensational job and the movie has always remained one of my favorites. I am also a huge King Of The Hill fan. It is sad knowing that the sweet Luanne Platter will no longer be a part of the show, that is if they continue it. <br />
Thank you for the beautiful pictures. She will be remembered by so many. Such a beautiful creature with a future paved for her that she will not be able to travel.

Hey JustMeOnline... I'm surprised you hadn't heard.. I've been hearing it EVERYWHERE.. It happened Sunday morning, I believe. I'm glad to have been able to fill you in! :)<br />
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Thanks for checking it out Sage!! I have a lovely pic of her on my desktop backround right now.. She had such an innocent/wholesome, Charming look about her.. with a great deal of mysique also. ;)<br />
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I'm one of those people that become stangely obsessed and intrigued with Celebs after they pass.. I was like that with Anna Nicole Smith too... Looking at Dead Celeb pics.. haunt me... in a good way! :)

Thanks for this. Those pictures are beautiful.

Thank you 4vr I don't think she got enough credit for what a beautiful actress she really was! what a talented woman.. Her poor family and friends.. right before Christmas.

Great photos.

She was very loved... and will be missed by many. It's so crazy how you don't really think of some people until they are gone.. She was working on a movie.. but She she's not really one of those actresses that you constantly hear about. I say she was most talked about when her and Ashton Kutcher were dating. She was a hidden Gem.

rest in peace

Thanks for commenting everyone.. I don't know what to believe.. I mean I honestly don't think it was drugs. They are saying she had heart complications before.. I know she had an eating disorder when she was a younger actress.. but I don't think she did before she passed. They also said something about her having Flu like symptoms before her death. Who knows it could of been H1N1.. <br />
It's VERY tragic whatever the cause may have been. What a way to end 2009 with another celebrity death:( <br />
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I don't know what they'll do with her King Of the Hill character... I don't think anyone else could do LuAnne's voice, like she did. <br />
"The Good Die Young"

I loved her alot spontaneous and funny character that you just love watching her :'( R.I.P Brittany you will be missed :(

I always liked Brittany...she will be missed.

Yeah, I was totally shocked. I hadn't seen many of her films, and the ones I saw I didn't much care for. But I always thought she had great things ahead of her.<br />
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Of course my first thought was that a cardiac arrest at such a ridiculously young age must be drug related. But hey, I was the first to assume that Michael Jackson committed suicide, so just ignore me.<br />
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RIP Brittany. Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse.