Violence Is Never the Answer!

Singer Chris Brown was arrested and charged with making criminal threats on Sunday for an early morning attack on an unidentified woman widely thought to be his girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the woman in the incident is Rihanna.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Rihanna was “reportedly hospitalized with bruises on her face.”

Los Angeles police officer Karen Smith says Brown walked into a station around 7 p.m. and was being interviewed by detectives. He released on $50,000 bail, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement.

**he's already lost his deal with doubleming gum.  i'm sure he's gonna lose fans over this too, as well he should since he wants to be a woman beater!!

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6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I remember hearing about that and at first it was hard to believe, but then I saw that it was true, I was shocked that Chris Brown would do that. I lost all respect for him because of that. Man hitting a woman, not cool man.

when i heard about this i was pissed. i was lisening to the radio one morning and they were talking about this and i guess his stepdad would beat chris' mom when chirs was younger and he said he would never do that to any women. well we all know that is a lie now. all i can really say karma is a ***** chris!

what a jerk.<br />
I cannot believe his father had the nerve to say" everyone slips". psh, yeah everyone slips. they fall on their own a$$ not knock someone on theirs!

I was shocked when I heard this, but there are reports that she is very possessive about him and maybe she got on his last nerve, but that is still no reason to hit someone. They need to go their separate ways.

I never liked Chris Brown anyway.<br />
<br />
Innocent until proven guilty etc., but dude! Not cool.

That's crazy I can't believe he would do somthing like that. He is crazy.