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Thanks Mr. Hollywood director for making a movie that insulted a religion in a part of the world that already hates us. You see, Muslims don't react like say, Christians when you insult their religion or God. They riot, set fires, and in this case murder innocent people....I'm not saying ALL Muslims but some might react this way. If you tear a page out of their "bible", you'll get your hand chopped off. In America God and Jesus are made fun of, ridiculed, etc. and it goes unnoticed and no extreme emotion is directed against it.
I'm not angry at Muslims. I am angry at the guy who made this idiotic film insulting a prophet held dear by a certain religion. A religion that has extremists that have attacked us before. This idiot is going to cause us to have another 9/11 on our hands? Will we see a plane crash right into the Hollywood sign? 
What were you thinking "Sam Becile"(so similar to imbecile)??????
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Welp, I am absolutely clueless on this.

One: I agree with you. It was completely stupid...but incredibly well funded. <br />
But the reports from the ground are conflicting , some saying it was just a riot that escalated, some saying there were people organizing from the beginning. So maybe...just a few people, pushing things along, maybe handing out weapons. When you think about the timing, the obvious reaction that was going to ensue, the absurd name of the mysterious director. I can't help but wonder if someone isn't trying to drum up support for another war. Especially considering Romney called it an act of war before he even knew what happened. <br />
<br />
And the one other thing, is that other religions, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, have all reacted that way to what they perceive as attacks on their community. They just don't happen in the US (or to other white people) so our press doesn't bother to report on them. They only need the one scapegoat, after all.

Clarification: First sentence - I meant the whole idea behind the movie.

Oh....and the fact that no one knows how this nowhere show with an empty opening got dubbed into Arabic and spread over the web in the first place.


Yeah I smell something fishy alright...someone is trying to start something. Well, I don't blame him for changing his name to "imbecile" lol....I heard the Egyptian law forces had warning of this and did nothing. They seem fearful to intervene while it is going on! why? Who funded this movie and why was it such crap after so much money was poured into it? Yes, how did they find out about this obscure movie that was in English?!

It's a comfort to know that other people out there are paying attention to this stuff and doing the math for themselves. Because the people who've been doing the figuring, haven't been to honest with us. So kick ***. 10 points for world awareness.

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