I Can't Believe He Betrayed Me So........

Well as many of you know I have been involved with a wonderful man (or so I thought) who is behind bars.  I have been by his side supporting him this whole journey.  So with that said I received a wonderful letter from him just the other day betraying his undying lover for me and for me not to worry, that this crazy thing called us was set in stone and nothing can destroy us.  Well in the same envelope is another letter, this one asking us to be just friends because...........................he married someone else over a month ago.  Wow really! Why send the first letter telling me not to worry and then send one telling me he married the woman who by the way put him behind bars.  His excuse was he was afraid she would make his stacy in prison unbareable.  Well LOL!! I hope she does now.  So goodbye to this jerk of a man who is worthless piece of cow dookie.  I know that there is someone out there who would love to have a woman like me to stand by their side and support them regardless.

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He wanted his cake and eat it and being in jail had plenty of time to play you two against each other. He will do the same to her. People like that don't make anyone happy in the long run.<br />
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Time is a great healer. Keep yourself buzy and one day you will wake up and realize that you are not hurting anymore.<br />
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Best of luck

What did you expect? An Misunderstood Angel, LOL Get Real! I can't believe you couldn't figure this out yourself, from the beginning.

I think you're well-rid of this guy. Think of all the agony from which he has saved you! :)

He wasn't in prison when we met, we date for 8 months before he went in. But I guess your right, why would that surprise me.

So you thought a guy in prison was a good bet? How can you be surprised?