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Just Dropped Me.

Like a hot freaking rock.  Yeah, I broke things off with him, but I stayed friends with him, didn't let anyone come between us.  I thought I knew him, after almost a year and a half.  Wrong!  I see now that he is one of those type of people that ALWAYS needs to be romantically involved with someone, no matter what.  Even if that means deserting your "best friend" for someone you barely know.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin 22-25, F 6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

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You broke things off with him, why can't he do the same?

I will admit that sometimes us guys aren't aLwaysthe best. But you can message me if you like

I know those types. It hurts. I think they are in dire need of approval and are highly insecure.

he's a man, isn't he??? most only think with the brain betwixt their legs, and it's terribly small... i went through the same situation. the men of today are anything but!!! he'll suffer without u. that's why i don't bother. just fun and games... never take a man seriously. they are much much worse than women.

A true friend will never leave you.

You would probably have done the same if a nice guy had come along your way. He will come around, he's to settle with the new lady, give him time