Time Flies

Time flies so fast and who knows where it goes? and yes, time does fly faster when you're happy.

Almost 5 months back, I met a guy. and this guy sort of really put a change in my life. He came at a time when I thought, no one else could ever make me smile again. He came at a time when I was still heartbroken and afraid to love again (I still am. Still afraid to fall HARD.)..

At first, we were just classmates... and then so suddenly, we became friends. good, good friends. It was all such a whirlwind--we became comfortable with each other, we hung-out, we talk a lot, we eat, i help him, he helps me.. We became really close--and closer after he told me a really big secret of his life, and when we told each other how we felt--that we like each other. He shares my joy and pain. Things only got better after that. Well, we had problems with some people and all, but it was all good, in the end. He was really special. We had fun, I was happy.

Now, he's switching schools... and well, maybe, I'm just being cynical again, but I know how I feel.. Things, I guess, are starting to change. well, we don't talk the way we used to. I know, it's only been just a few days, but well.. maybe, I shouldn't have gotten used to things that i shouldn't have gotten used to. I still have a lot of questions.. like, what if he never really felt the same way for me? what if, this is all there is?, etc, etc...

Well, things always change. People always change. I should know that. and who knows what's gonna happen? who knows what's in store for me? for us?

Maybe, it was a classic case of "he's bored; she's lonely.".. Maybe, our time has been over. who knows?

I guess, in the end, what matters is we have learned from each other, and though it wasn't a real relationship, it sure was a great friendship. something I will always treasure. I have learned a lot these past months.

who knows?

whatever happens, happens.

mistyeyedlass mistyeyedlass
18-21, F
Mar 31, 2009