I think the planet is turning faster. how could it be proven it disproved? mightn't the speed at which we travel have a progressive affect on mechanical actions and pressure, etc so mechanically operated clocks might pick up the pace. we consider a day to be one revolution of earth on its own axis and a year to be one revolution around the sun. if we do it faster, it's still a year. we would only have our own recollection of time passing. everyone I talk to, and I mean EVERYONE, says the same thing, these last few years have flown by, each one faster than the last. I believe it was Einstein who proved that time warps do exist. Maybe were in the middle of one now. maybe the fact that were living longer now has nothing to do with modern medicine (all indication I have goes against that theory). maybe we're not living longer, maybe we're living faster. ..and dying younger. *twilight zone music*
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i can't either. when i was in my 20's i taught a second grade sunday school class. now those kids are in college! :o so weird.

and I bet they're all bitching about time zipping away like the rest of us, huh. that's one good thing, it's happening to us all at the same time, same rate. I saw a members ep name had 1987 in it and was in the 26-30 age group. it didn't seem right to me. I had already finished my first duty assignment in the army by then. that wasn't that long ago. yikes! but it was. lol