Great Guys R Exist.but

first i don't know its okay to be in here or not coz i'm straight man so for sure i am not looking for a great guy .lol. but i thought u may need an answer from a guy i really think that all the good things in life is hard to get like yeah great guys r exist but do u really think great guys r fit for u ?great guys looks for great things or they will be like every one else they need great women too or its not going to work ,if u need someone to respect u so u should respect urself first and respect him ,if u want someone not sleeping around so what makes u think he should accept less than that .if u want someone to love u for real u need to give him the love u want to get in return don't think that great guy will accept someone less than he is like if u want someone waited for u all his life to be in love with u thats great thing but u need to do the same so women plz take ur time thinking is thats what u really wont ?do u think u can give that if u found ur great guy?

i can say the same about great women but maybe coz i have other rules about my great woman but i am sure there is some of them somewhere .......
mgarhy mgarhy
26-30, M
1 Response Nov 25, 2011

thx for ur comment and i wish its very hard this days to find the one u looking for .wish we can find the right people we looking for one day.take care my friend

yea but u should take ur time and choose carefully if u looking for true love .i wish u find it .and thx for wishing me good luck.