I Never Get "the Final Rose"

Some girls meet guys so easily, and never have to deal with heartbreak their entire lives, while others (like me) are constantly torn apart? Every guy that shows interest in me ends up finding another girl and making her their girlfriend instead of me. I don't understand, as I am pretty, in shape, funny, and I don't put out or act slutty (therefore I am not giving the wrong message) of course all of my guy friends that are taken say they can't understand why I am still single. Everyone says "well maybe guys are jut intimidated by you" but I think that is a cup of crock. Why do some girls have no problem getting guys to fall all over them and others it is a constant struggle?
SingleInTheCity SingleInTheCity
3 Responses May 15, 2012

Hi, I am available. : ) I am still looking for my soulmate good hearted gal very sweet and loving to me. : ) Lets talk.

then where do you live.. location oftentimes is as important as what you wear, etc..

its not a straight science. You watch sex in the city right, those women bitc* about finding men all the time. Yea its just a tv series but ba<x>sed on true stories. If you have the personality then you'll get there. If i knew you better than i could pin point where its going wrong. If your friends are saying you might be too intimidating, maybe theres something to that. Maybe you are too good looking or , your personality is too loud...or something else.