A Good Guy

Recently and I do mean very recently I began to talk to a man who had just moved to town...he said he was looking for a friend in a new town. We talked a little bit via email and then we talked via text messages....(for an even shorter amount of time).  He started out seeming so respectful...that was nice it was refreshing. Having a new friend in my life sounded like it could really be great.  About two weeks has gone by since we first started contacting one another but gradually he started to turn the conversations into somewhat sexual....but i just blew that off and thought if we were supposed to have a deeper relationship  it would happen on my terms....very slooooooooow.  Finally last night he told me in no uncertain terms that all he wanted from me was a friend with benefits.

I told him that I do not want to settle. I did not want to use him or be used by him....I was told that we would only be fulfilling the needs we each had....and really was that so bad? Um hello YES it's terrible(for me that is). Just wanted to be cared for and loved and treated well and in return I could do the same for him. I told him that I didn't think I was the woman he was looking for. After I had explained myself the message got into an even more sexual nature...(from him)...he sounded so desperate just to get laid. Finally I had to tell him to lose my phone number.

I must admit that even though I did not know this person very well at all the prospect of having a friend to hang around with and talk with was a such a draw to me. My biggest hope was that we could be friends and then maybe later on it would develop into something much better. That didn't happen. I know I didn't have feelings for him at all but, when the conversations had to end I had to shed a few tears.  The thought of something pretty cool happening down the road is just a small memory blip.  Maybe sometime I will meet a great guy. My hope is some day I will meet him....I'm not holding my breath.

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you were strong in this situation and did good to follow your gut feeling . not every woman would have said no and yes indeed you will find another great guy. i myself have a perverted mind but know how to keep it checked if the person im in touch with doesnt seem to approve which i think i is important