I am wanting opinions from the women of this group... I have heard for years how hard it is to meet a good guy (dating, marriage) nowadays. How true is it? Is it as true as I think it is? I used to write about stuff like this (I met my wife in doing so), and have been interested in this for quite a while now... So ladies, answer my question... and be blunt and honest.
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I know for me, I just got out of a relationship because my ex couldn't keep his eyes from constantly roaming.

It's hard for me to meet any guy. Any guy I like never likes me back, and it's been this way since middle school. But in my case i don't think its just a social trend. i think its just me.

One of the things that we have now is the internet and with that the ability to have instant gratification. I think the internet has affected so many things in our lives and one of those is the access to ****, to virtual dating or virtual voyeurism. It's not easy anymore to be the one person your husband comes home to when you know, for example, that he also can chat and flirt with other women online. I think one woman no longer satisfies one man anymore. He has all these distractions around him and the more options he has the more expectations as well. That is just one of the things that I see different these days.

I would have to say its damned difficult...... I'm an independent, intelligent woman, i have a sense of humour, I am compassionate, empathetic, fun-loving, loyal and honest; I have been told by numerous men (married or in relationships who are friends of mine through their wives / girlfriends or through work) that they can't understand why I'm still single, that if they weren't with their respective other they would ask me out in a shot... I've tried dating websites, night classes, fun-classes, volunteering and yet I'm still single.... and I don't usually let my neurosis surface till at least after the first Month (lol), bu seriously, yeah, I find it hard.... so whilst men seem to think women are complex, I would have to say, guys - look in the mirror!! ;-)

I'm just looking for someone who can make me laugh, but it's hard to find someone decent who does this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mhmm, and that might work for immediate attraction, but after a while you end up thinking how you got involved with a damn fool. I don't think it's not much different for women of the same type (Jerkettes), picking up as many men per day as possible. They find the good guy, he likes the sex/appearance/etc, gets hooked and then she treats him like a piece of dirt once she's tired of him, or finds out she's cheating on him.

interesting... I have long suspected that... seems as if women go off 'the spark'... like how men go off of how the booty looks in the yoga pants...

No it's not hard, I think it's the fact that most women don't know what to look for. They go for the first guy who gives them a teeny bit of attention and latch on, and usually those guys are @ssholes. I read a blog a while ago about how the "Jerk"- that guy with a million women at all times- will hit on and pursue as many women per day as possible. The average guy, or "good man" doesn't do that.