Que, Part 2

What is it about 'being hurt' that drives people, primarily women, to run away from relationships?
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You run away from relationships after being hurt because you fear the possibility of it happening again. It's been 2 years sense my break up and I still can't bring myself to trust people, not entirely. After giving someone everything you have to give and then have them cheat and leave you for their side girl 4 days before Christmas it's nearly impossible to want to put yourself out there and possibly right back into that position.

what do you mean?

For all those who answered truthfully, thanks. For all the ones who tried to run the question, like they have run of my computer, etc... go **** up a flagpole

Once you get hurt you realise what you no longer want. So if he walks away you wait for someone you think will stay. If you find someone with poor character you wait for someone of high quality. If you find someone that lies you wait for someone that is honest. Do you understand now?

I am one of the women who never run away from hurt I guess. I run away from "drugs" and from "lack of fun" but never from getting hurt. Although there should be a limit to how much you put up with.

stlmo8 is right . . . getting hurt is not something people wanna go through.again.<br />
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me personally i didn't go through pain myself but I've seen my friends go through it and that's something i fear. i'm a chirpy funny laughing type of person and i don't want to go through that EVER!!! <br />
therefore i chase them away by just saying im lesbian . . . works like a bomb :). . . i know i'm a coward but hey it keeps me happy