I'm seriously starting to think there's something wrong with me. I can't meet anyone, let alone someone great.
I'm quite attractive, successfully and pretty easy going but I've only ever had one boyfriend, we were together 15 years until I found out he had been cheating on me and now I honestly don't know where/how to meet someone... All I do is work and go gym so I kinda thought I'd have men banging at my door but nope!
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Hmmmm well that must be frustrating for you. Try looking in places that foster good situations...

Try exploring some of your interests and hobbies, you're bound to find yourself with people of similar interests and see if any of them could be a potential boyfriend.

interesting write up. Attractive , successful but still unable to find someone.

Well no !! or is it unable to find someone great??

Well it's confusing isn't it?

Reminds me of a story of the coffee table where everyone wanted to have a coffee but when there were different mugs placed on the table to prepare your own coffee, people decided to choose the best mugs first simply forgetting all they needed was a coffee & not the mug..

Look around you and I am sure there would be a lot of men wanting to date you or probably just be friends with you & if you notice even one such person around you, it's okay for you to approach them. of course keep a little distance at first and only open up when you you assessed them completely.

Breaking up with someone whom you loved and had been together for 15 years can always be devastating and it's not easy to get over it. don't try too hard.. Just settle down. you are already doing great by keeping yourself busy at work and ensuring that you remain fit at the same time by hitting the gym.. Currently just enjoy being single and be happy about it.. Be Rest assured that your happiness in being single won't last long and there will soon be somebody great in your life to take that happiness away :) ( Sorry probably a bad joke coz I feel people are more happy being single but then grass is always green on the other side)

I wish you all the best in finding that great guy you are looking for ...

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Some men may think that your're WAY out of their league XD