Perfect Mate Where Are You?

I really don't believe that people are perfect but I believe that each person is a perfect mate for someone. For someone I might be a 1 and for someone else I might be a 10.  The samething for guys some are a 1 for me and for another they might be a 10.  I just wish my 10 will come around soon. I think dating is hard and takes a lot of work.

PartyForOne PartyForOne
22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 8, 2010

Just one man that is a gentleman ,honest, caring, trustworthy. With a great sense of humor.

The perfect mate does exist.. with the unicorns, hobbits, trolls and the rest.<br />
There is perfect for you- but that takes work, sacrifice and loads of patience.

I am here your prince and shiny armor:)

Spoken well, good luck with your search :)

Go out and find him yourself Hun..... sweep your prince off his feet. Its the 21st century, go out and catch him