Great Guy Is A Fun Lie

It isn't that anyone can't find a great guy, it's that girls are looking for someone who makes them feel special, someone who might treat others differently, but treats you right. Congratulations! You are officially every girl out there. The question is why can't you meet a great guy? Guys say it is because you are attracted to jerks. Not true. Many guys are jerks and girls don't give them a second thought, you are a lot smarter than that.

So let's role play. A grumpy looking guy a little older is scowling down the street and gets into a fight with a large group. He gets hurt but sends them running. He sits down and kicks up his feet. Most girls are curious, at least the less experienced ones. There's that hope that behind that scowl is someone who's been hurt who just needs to be shown that someone cares. Sure that sounds dumb, but that's the point, out loud it sounds dumb. But every nice guy, every cold guy, is someone who appears broken like every girl thinks they are at their deepest level.

Big difference between guys and girls. They aren't. They aren't jerks, or heartless people, but they like who they are and don't want to change. Guys don't like growing up and girls aren't going to change that. And of course they want to get you in bed. A guy who doesn't is a liar. I like women and while I would prefer to get in the sack with them for love and explore more of them over time, I'll take what I can get as well, as will every other guy. There's that rule of if you were to ask a straight single guy you know if he'd be ok with a quick sexual endevour, you know what his response is going to be. YES.

So how can you avoid this? You really can't. We are all lost when we are younger and looking for our special someone, so the pitfall will happen regardless. Then girls become women, and as they get hurt more and more, they start realizing how foolish they were, ask any older woman and they'll probably agree. Great guys are in the friend zone where you put them and you want fireworks, a challenge.

But then again, who I am to say right? Just observations from a guy who watched friends happily walk into abusive relationships, get hurt, and even die willingly clinging to the idea of 'love' and how they are 'special'. No person can define you as 'pretty' or 'special'. The whole world can tell you that, but it won't work until you believe it. Until then, a 'great guy' is a fun lie.
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Be a good girl before

So, what is the definition of a 'great guy' according to you? With all realism.....?

I replied to your earlier message first rather than this one, but I hop on from time to time when I'm frustrated or have the free time.

To be fair, I'm not attracted to guys. :P And to be fair, every guy thinks they are a great guy or the perfect guy. I think girls will too in a way so I don't think I can respond without a bit of bias. This was just a simple setup of observations in my life and the people I see on a regular basis. Plus I sound a lot smarter on print than in real life.

The truth of the matter was this came from being called up by not one, not two but three exes in the past 2 months. Each one saying they missed me. I wasn't 'exciting' or 'open' at the time because I am shy and distrust close relationships. Now that they have had bad relationships, kids, and other fun calamities or have 'grown up', I'm suddunly who they want. So I was a little upset at the time, feeling that I am who girls settle for 'in the end'. I'd rather wait for someone who wants me in the beginning. Bleh. I got personal. :P LOL