I was getting the kids ready to go out w/ the idiot and the baby came running up to me for a kiss. I guess her intentions were to put her hands on my face and squeeze my cheeks together but what she got was my throat. It's been almost a year since my surgery and you would think that area wouldn't still be so darn sensitive but man that hurt! For a little one she sure has a strong grip! I'm still clearing my throat to get that "something is stuck in there feeling" to go away.

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Hope heals soon .... Oh and good luck with the teenage thing ....

I'm sure it's just brused just very sore and not in a good area... kinda surprised what a 2 yr old can do.

Hope you get better soon

Hope you're feeling better now

Hope you feel better soon hun!

Kids and Dogs.....They just seem to have radar when it come to a aria that is painful.....They just want to show love....But then they do say...That Love hurts.....

and then some... two toddlers and a teen OMG!

LOL... no joke. That's why the kids had to stay with him for a month afterwards... just couldn't risk it. They are VERY active!!

Oh no I'd rather the feelings at this point. She got me just right and it's still sore at that spot. I have enough throat issues don't need a crushed windpipe to add to it.

i agree but i bet it was painful.

Better your throat than your feelings.