Scott And The Tempting Request

My friendship with Scott was kindled awhile back. We have been friends for quite some time now. We have always had this little flirtatious chemistry between us. Little pats on the ***, brushing up against one another in little teasing ways but never pushing the limits until recently. 
When he called and asked if he could stop by because there was something he needed to talk to me about. I had no idea what  he sounded so serious about. There was something different in his voice. Something I never heard before, but wasn't sure what it was.
I asked him, " Is something wrong?"  He assured me there was nothing wrong but really needed to talk to me. " Can I come over around 7?"  Still unsure of what the issue could be, I told him, " Yes, that will be fine. Everyone is gone for the weekend." and with that he said " Okay, I will see you then." and hung up.
I continued my day as usual, occasionally stopping to think about what was Scott needing to talk about. I finished my list of things that needed done and jumped in the shower. When I was finished, I slid into my blue jean shorts and a cute little button up shirt. I sat in the den with a glass of wine, turned on the radio listening to my favorite song, and settled myself into the comfort of the oversized leather couch. It's very rare to have time to just sit and relax. A few minutes had passed, when the doorbell rang. 
I placed my glass on the coffee table and headed towards the door, glancing up at he clock on the way by, 6:55. I knew it had to be Scott.  I unlatched the deadbolt and opened the door. He was dressed in black slacks and a cream colored polo, which contrasted against his dark complexion beautifully. His brown hair and bedroom blue eyes were enough to make any woman melt. I grabbed his hand as I said, " hey there you!" He responded as usual, " Hi beautiful" and gave me a small peck on the cheek. 
We entered the den, Scott sat on the couch, and I nestled myself into the couch, facing him. We have never had any problem communicating, we have always been able to be open with each other but I realized almost immediately that he was feeling uncomfortable. I asked if anything was wrong and if he was okay. He just said " Yes" his response started to worry me.  Finally after a few minutes he said," I am just going to have to come straight out with it before I change my mind." Already worried about what was worrying him , I took a deep breath just as he was about to say, " Can I taste your breast milk. I have been curious about it ever since I found out that you are lactating. I can't seem to get you or your milk out of my head. I have never experienced it with anyone, and I would love to try yours." 
" Is that it?" I said as a wave of relief exited my body. " It's very normal for a man to be curious. " We discussed it awhile longer and although I was a little hesitant, I felt very comfortable sharing this with him. I moved my legs from under me and put my feet on the floor in front of me with my legs apart, to make a place for him to get comfortable. He immediately move to the floor in front of me, watching my breasts as I unbutton my shirt and remove it. Sitting there with my breast bare not but a few inches from his gaze, an unexpected chill ran down my spine. I told myself that he was just tasting it, trying to put my body at ease.  I place my hand under my breast and looked into his eyes and told him, " Come taste. When you start, you will have to start gentle, because they are extremely engorged, and they are extremely sore when they are this way. As the milk starts to flow, you may start to increase your sucking." 
Unsure or nervous, he asked if I was sure, I just told him Yes. With that he leaned forward, opened his mouth and took my breast into his mouth. Gently he started sucking. My body had an ache shoot through it, almost as if all the teasing and flirting we had done suddenly lit a flame inside me. I stayed calm and just closed my eyes enjoying the sensations he was sending through me. After a few more gentle tugs, I felt my milk letdown. Immediately, I heard a low moan from him, as he started receiving what he longed to taste. I enjoyed hearing him, letting me know he was enjoying it.
Trying not to show how his moan had just sent a signal through me that made my inner thighs to start become damp. My mind running wild, I tried to tell myself that he will be done tasting soon, but it did not work. My body started to arch toward him, and I leaned my head back, as the deep gasp left my lips. Scott must have sensed my arousal and his sucking increase in pressure and rhythm. My breast moving in perfect synchronization with his mouth. He lifted his hands to my sides, and took his finger tips and ran them from the sides of my breast down my sides in a slow motion, that had my body aching for so much more. He moved to the other breast as he continued the stroking motion down my sides. I could no longer control the moans that wanted to escape my body. I moved my hands to his hair, running my fingers through it, then touching his face. I loved the way his clean shaven face felt to my fingers as I traced his beautiful features.
His hands moved from my sides and wrapped around the back stopping with his hands on my *** cheeks, pulling me forward to the edge of the couch. Leaning in more, he pushed his hard bulge in his pants against inside my thighs. It was then, I realized that neither of us were going to be able to stop at the tasting. 
My milk flowing freely by this time, my other breast dribbling down and over the curve of my breast and onto my stomach. His roaming hands found the wetness flowing over my body. He stopped sucking and looked at my breast and stomach. Moving without hesitation his tongue licked the milk that saturated my skin.  The gentle licks turning into his mouth devouring me. My wetness increasing every time his mouth touched my body. 
He stopped, stood up and looked into my eyes, as if he could read my every desire, he reached out his hand and led me into the bedroom.
No sooner did we enter the door, he turned and took my face into his hands. Lowering his lips to mine. His tongue searching my mouth. Mine searching his. My breathing labored against his soft lips and kisses. Our hands searching each other as he found the button to my shorts, dropping them to the floor. My hands lifting his shirt to expose his body.  My mouth kissing his chest as he removed his shirt completely. My hands delving lower to his pants that dropped quickly without much effort. Our mouths finding each others again. His hands moving around me to grasp my *** cheeks, lifting me up to him, my legs wrapped around his waist. His mouth moving from mine, to my neck, sensually kissing me as he continued lower to my breast once more. Sucking on each just a few times before moving to the other. My body feeling like a whirlwind had swept me up and I was floating upon a cloud of ecstasy. He leaned my back against the cool wall as he lowered me onto himself. My body arching as inch after inch was slowly penetrating me.  His mouth muffling the moans of pleasure as they escaped me.  Once all of his manhood had entered me, he held me there for like what felt like eternity., completely filling me, stretching me with the girth of it.  Slowly then started retrieving and reinserting it into me. My body craving him, our rhythm increased in urgency and his thrust penetrating me deeper each time, turning my moans into calling his name over and over, until I could feel his erection ready to explode inside of me. His final thrust was deeper than any of the previous and sent my body over the edge to meet his ****** at the same time. He just stood there with me in his arms, our mouths enveloping each others, him still deep inside me, until..............that will have to be another story another time.  MUWAAH!

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Probably one of the hottest stories I've read on EP! Wow. I'm so turned on, I need to go find my wife and suckle on her a while

SOOOOOOO HOT! You NEVER disappoint! Mwah!

Dear Lact8, what a hot hot story. I'm trembling as I type this. You write extremely well and this is a subject that has intrigued me for years. Sometime, before I die, I hope to taste fresh breast milk from it's source. Your breath taking story really stoked my interest. I'll look forward to reading more of your stories. This is certainly one of the best I've ever read at EP or anywhere else, for that matter.

Wow , That is one hot story can't wait to here the rest and see what happens next.I would love to meet someone with milk filed breast.Yummm.


Very hot. Scott's very lucky.
I need a shower, a cold one.