Bath Time With John

When John pulled up in the driveway of her house he was very nervous. His head kept telling him to drive off, but his heart was in control. He could hear his heart throbbing in his ears.

With a swallow, John grabbed a bag from the back seat and opened the door. Walking up the side walk, John noticed the curtain move next to the door. As he got closer, the door opened, but no none was there.

Stepping up to the door, John called out, "Tina?". The only sound was faint music, coming from the upstairs.

She heard John as he entered the house, but decided to stay in the tub listening to the music, he will be up soon. She continued lathering her body. She laid back in the tub, head resting on the tub pillow, as the steam from the water clouded the mirrors in the bathroom.

John closed the door, and found a white blouse on the inside knob, grinning he looked around and saw a shoe at the base of the steps, another one a step higher. Bringing the blouse, he picked up the heels and started up the stairs. A red skirt was found next. A little higher, a red lace bra, a little damp where her beautiful nipples rested. He could help it, bringing the bra to his nose, breathing her in. A quick lick of the tongue, hoping to find remnants of her milk. He could never get enough. Stepping higher, eliciting a sigh, a pair of red lace panties. Fingers linger, them sweep them up and quickly to his mouth and nose. Still warm, damp and intoxicating. Closing his eyes, for a moment.

His heart racing, pounding, throbbing to point of desiring what was behind the bedroom doors. Quietly he pushed the door open, the intoxicating scent of her perfume hit him, enticing him further into the room. The sound of music was coming from the bathroom. The double French doors shielded her body with a white sheer veil.

John found the switch and turned the bedroom lights off. The frosted doors seemed to glow as he walked towards them. Cracking one open as quietly as he could, he spied his treasure. Laying under a blanket of bubbles, a washcloth over her eyes. Tina may have been asleep, surely not, this was her idea. John crept in a little more and saw that she had several candles lit through the bathroom. He turned off the bathroom lights. The frosted windows and candles created dancing lights on the walls and ceiling. 

He knew he was going to startle her, but he knelt next to the tub, and just as he leaned in to kiss her when  she said, "It's about time, I've been lying here, playing with the shower head, wanting you."

Relinquishing all his clothes and kneeling beside the tub, his hands started caressing her feet. Moving ever so slowly up to the calves of her smooth legs, wanting nothing more than to join her in the bubbled oasis. Guiding his hands further up her leg. Cloth still covering her eyes, her breathing deepened in anticipation of him reaching his destination.

As his hand finally reached her thighs, he used the tips of his fingers to brush the inner thigh. Her body moving towards his hand, trying to end the playful teasing. He loved the feel of her soft skin and how her body always had a light scent of her favorite perfume. As he reached her mound, she laid her head back, exposing her neck. Her wetness was so enticing, he could feel the slickness even in the water. Gently inserting two fingers deep into her. Her body arching towards his fingers. 

Gently gliding in and out, he used his other hand to find a breast, then a nipple. Hard even in the hot water, to slippery to pinch, he flicked his finger back and forth over the hard nub. She leaned into both of his hands, the cloth falling from her eyes. Their eyes met and locked. He had always loved her eyes, they drew him in, and now they seemed to suck him in. His fingers thrusting faster into her, he lost hold of the slippery breast as she scooted forward trying to force more of his hand into her.

Her body being edged from the intense pleasure. He moves his mouth to hers, muffling the moans of ecstasy quivering on her lips. His tongue searching her mouth, her desires overwhelming her senses. Her hands grasped around his face, pulling his face closer, wanting to be one with him. Her tongue teasingly inviting his to taste her mouth more, she surrounds it with her lips. Gently sucking his tongue as if it were another appendage for her to play.

Their tongues fight for dominance, but another finger finds her **** and suddenly her head rolls to the side and John wastes no time as he begins biting and sucking on Tina's neck as she grabs a handful if hair and guides him to the areas of her neck she loves assaulted. Her other hand grabs his wrist and tries to help him thrust even deeper as she begins to ***, biting his neck in absolute lust.

Her ****** mounting to heights she never experienced with him. Still holding his wrist so that he did not remove before the pleasure subsided, she sat up plunging herself onto his fingers. Her moans now gasps for air, as the intense waves rushed throughout her body. Moving back to his lips, devouring his mouth, bringing the wrist that she held so tightly before to face. Tasting each finger, then kissing him again sharing the taste they created together!

A wonderful taste, he craved more. John dipped his hand back beneath the water. Rubbing up and down her beautiful *****. Triggering another sharp organism. Unexpected but very much welcome, Tina leaned forward biting John's shoulder, in another world.

Incredibly still very aroused by his sensual touch, she eased herself onto the edge of the tub. Parting her legs completely. Inviting him to taste all of her. John has this way with his tongue, moved in with confidence, knowing he can bring her to a couple more easily. 

He ran his face along her thigh, looking her in the eyes, as she smiled down. The look in her eyes told him this was no time for subtle romance. He then just leaned forward, starting as low as be could and ran his flat tongue from bottom to top, once twice four times. Then a pointed tongue began to work in between her lips. Probing deeper. Breathing her in, swallowing her sweet juices.

Taking one finger, he inserts it putting pressure on her g-spot. Not moving but just holding pressure against it, as his mouth delves deeper between her lips. Her wetness increasing with each stroke of the tongue.

Making her lose control, this is what he loves. Her body responding to him. Drinking in every essence of her. His tongue and fingers make her body tremble. 
Out of control, she slaps his shoulder then grabs a handful of his hair. If she could she would pull him into her completely, let him touch every thing inside her, set every nerve on fire. 
A cry, one long wail, builds as the hard ****** smashes through. She can't breath, hands ache, clutched in his hair and grasping the tub edge.

As the wave of ecstasy slowly leaves her body, John slowly removes his finger and as she stands to allow him access to the tub. He lowers himself into the water, carefully examining her soft body covered in a slight coat of bubbles. As John adjusted in the tub, Tina joined him by straddling his thighs. His hands encompassed her face once again. As he kissed her soft lips once again. How could he not not love this woman? He constantly thinks of her. How he would love to be the only one in her life. But he knew that she was happily married and he was too. Could he live with only having her on a part time basis? 
He released her lips and lowered his mouth to her beautiful lactating breast. He wanted to taste them again, no he needed to taste them again. As her milk started flowing, her body aching, she moved upwards off his thighs, placing his erection inside of her as he continued sucking. As she slid down his shaft he sucking released, his head fell back, only a few words escaped his lips, " oh my God, your so tight,"

Her heat enveloped his shaft. He dipped his mouth to her lovely breast for another mouthful of her delicious milk, then pulled her down to him and kissed her, tongues swirling around her gift of milk. She broke the kiss and began to rise off him, before falling on him, filling herself with him. John began squeezing her breasts, milk flowing over his fingers, down her stomach, mixing with the bath water.
John brought his fingers to his mouth to suck the milk from his fingers. Back and forth as she began to rise and fall faster and faster.

Once again his fingers drenched with milk,she brought his hand to her mouth licking the sweet juice from his fingers. His erect body penetrating her until release was the only option. Pulling her down onto him as he thrust himself deeper, his body exploding filling her completely. Her body tensing as she rode the wave of ecstasy, until the final shudder left her thighs. Finding each others lips once more. Pulling into each other, embracing the passion they had shared. Wanting to be one. Muwaah!

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Fantastic!! What a team, no a single being. Focused and sexy. Thank you for sharing, in more ways than one

Well, watching you do it without me is fun also;)

OOOO, get me all worked up, tie me to the bed, lean back on my legs, never mind what's poking your back, take things into your own hands, a foot away from my face....
Damn, I gotta go take a cold shower. Red doesn't come home for 4 hours!

Bring a loofah, I left mine somewhere...

Whatever you bring, I will enjoy. Even empty handed ;)

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