Sexual encounter with Lori

This story is written from both people's perspective, I added names at beginning where each persons side of story starts and ends! Enjoy! We Did!

Tina:Leaning back against me in the warm garden tub, the jets beating against our skin. 

Yes, will we experiment. As I move my hands to the body wash, lathering up my hands, 

moving them around to the front of you. Your breast are amazing. My warm hands slowly 

caressing them. Both hands on one, feeling its fullness. Your head leaned back against my 

shoulder as I continue to the other breast just gently massaging it, lathering it up. Feeling 

the slickness of my soapy hands sliding down from the breast bone to the tip, careful not to 

touch your nipples just yet.

Lori:I leaned back and felt your hard nipples against my back, it was electric, and shocking 

to me. I've never felt a woman against me. I feel everything, your breath on my shoulder, lips 

brushing my skin, your legs are so smooth against mine. I love the feeling of your soft skin 

brushing against mine. Hmm I want to face you...

Tina:Turning your face across your shoulder I see those inviting lips. I can't help but to 

envelop your lips with mine. Your lips almost pouty, your breathing becoming labored. My 

breath inhaling your scent, the delicious taste of your mouth. Tongues tangling, wanting 

each other. You turn to face me in the tub. We slide close together. Your leg over mine on 

one side and under mine on the other. Our hands caressing each others breasts, our 

tongues tantalizingly teasing each other.

Tina:" I have something for you" I whisper in your ear! Then I kiss your neck, inhaling your 

scent. Your so intoxicating to me. My hand lowers into the bubbles searching for my 

special toy, I had planned for us to explore together. I had it in the water to warm it, as I pull 

it out of the water, your eyes widen with surprise, but also curiosity. " oh my" you say as I 

reveal our toy choice for this evening. The thick double head handful of fun is quite 

intriguing. I lift it to my mouth running my tongue around the tip of it. Your curiosity 

overwhelms you and you lick the other end teasingly taunting me with your tongue flicking 

it, then taking it into your mouth. I lower the fun into the water, first running my fingertip up 

and across your ****, feeling your wetness, I know you are ready. I slowly insert it into you, 

only about 2 inches, as I take the other side and insert it into myself at about the depth. 

The girth of it has stretched our mounds a little more than usual. Slowly we slide towards 

each other as it deepens into each of us.

Our bodies caressing each other in the middle. As we find the rhythm that pleases us both, 

our wetness gyrating against each other. Our lips and tongues searching each other, 

needing this. Completely enveloped in pleasing each other. Lowering my eyes to your 

beautiful breast, needing to taste your milk that you have to give. Taking your nipple into 

my mouth, your head leaning back with the pure pleasure you are feeling. My arousal 

increasing as your sweet milk touches my tongue. Grasping the other nipple with my hand, 

flicking it back and forth, twisting it between my finger and thumb. Milk flowing onto my 


Our intensity increasing as our bodies slide against each other. The wonderful feeling of 

your mound rubbing against mine.

Our breathing becomes deep accompanied with moans of pleasure. Our intensity rising at 

the same moment, leaning back to let this wave crash over my body, your mouth finds my 

breast as you erupt in pure sensual pleasure. Our bodies slowly coming down from the 

explosion of urges, and easily removing our handful of fun. 

Lori:Mmmm finally kissing. Finally able to touch you everywhere. I kiss my way down your 

neck. Sucking right under your ear. My hands skimming along your arms. I pull you closer to 

me. I want to feel you whole body skimming against mine. I stand up pulling you up with me. 

We grab towels and dry each other. I lead you into the bedroom. Then I slightly laugh as I

too had a surprise toy for us. You see the same toy as yours laying on the bed. You

laughingly say, "great minds think alike."

I respond by kissing you and whispering, "yes they do. We will get back to that." I lay you back

on the bed. I want to explore your body. I rain kisses along your jaw, down your neck. Kiss your

collar bone. My hands exploring your body. Your skin is so smooth and soft. So different from

the hairy one I am used to. I love the indentation at your waist and the flare of your hips. I suck

as much of your breast Into my mouth as I can. Men always focus on the nipple but there is so

much more. I lightly run my fingers along the side under your arm and along the bottom.

Gently squeezing while I am sucking. Hmm your warm milk starts filling my mouth. I swallow.

Delicious. I kiss your mouth. .................the rest will have to be another story!
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

MMMMM I want that milk sooooo bad baby.

Where do I sign up? :)

For sure! Wait, was that fiction? If so, you have quite the imagination, and a solid career as a writer! You are so descriptive with your writing…I actually felt like I was there while I was reading this…and by the looks of the comments, it looks like others felt that same effect. You NEVER disappoint! ;) Muwah!

That's so hot!!! I want I be there. Even if I have to stand in the corner. Thank you for giving that gift.