A Confession To Tina

"Tina," I say, "I have something to tell you." You look at me while we lie entwined together still coming down from our encounters in the tub and on the bed. (wink wink, next story boys and girls). "I have another friend like you." You seem surprised when you say, "You do?" "Yes, his name is Charles. He had tattoos over his shoulder. He shaves his head. I love the feeling of his stubble against the palm of my hand." "Oh" you reply.

Suddenly you seem to be getting excited. I can see your interest in your eyes. You ask me to tell you what we do together, in detail. I can see you really want to hear it so I will. (besides I am hoping for a ********* then a foursome, greedy as I am)

Charles and I met at a bar where we would each be able to leave if needed. We didn't need. He got a hotel room nearby just in case. It ended up being in case. :-). We went to the hotel on his motorcycle. I loved running my hands all along his chest and stomach while he drove Sometimes I would rub his thighs and ever so subtly his erection Oh it was a beautiful night. When we got Up to the room, we opened the window to let the breeze blow in. We stood by the open window not caring if anyone could see and started kissing. Oh his hands feel so wonderful touching me. I push up his shirt so I can touch his stomach. But I want more. He helps me pull it off so I can see his tattoos in person. I kiss his shoulders and his neck. Hmm a little flick of the tongue on his nipples. Ooh he likes that. But he says not fair that I still have shirt on. Oh just what I want to feel his skin against mine. He lifts my breasts in his hands. I tease him about motorboating me. So he does, we laugh. Ooh but then he takes my nipple
into his mouth. Oh he had told his wife feeds him (for which I am a bit jealous) and he knows how to suck nipples!! My knees go weak. Please I say. He backs me toward the bed. I feel It behind my knees but I don't lay back as he expects, I sit down. Perfect height to undo his zipper. Hmm no need for pants. I push them and his boxer briefs down to his ankles. He kicks everything off including his shoes. Hmm now I can taste the real him! I love how his **** feels in my mouth and how it fills it up. I stoke him while I suck. Hmm I humm so he can feel my mouth vibrate. I lean down and suck one ball at a time into my mouth while still stroking. Oh no, you can't *** yet I tease. I flip over on the bed onto my back with my head hanging over the edge. I still have my skirt on, but he sees no panties, just a garter belt holding up my thigh hose. My heels still on too. He leans over me. His **** goes perfectly back into my mouth. Oh my his mouth goes right to my *****. He teases me licking all along the seam of my lips. Oh he does that a couple of times until I growl and playfully nip at his inner thigh. He laughs and plunges his tongue deep inside me! Oh my! My hips thrust us towards his mouth. He licks his finger and replaces his tongue with it and starts sucking on my ****. Oh now I am having a hard time not biting this delicious **** in my mouth! Ooh he just put another finger inside. His other hand is cupping my ***. I spread my legs farther apart. He knows what I want. A finger goes into my ***. Oh now my holes are all full of him. I suck harder and faster while his hands and mouth do the same to me. Oh I am going to ***. He groans his approval as he feels me ***. Then he ****. I swallow some and let some squirt on my breasts.

"oh my" you say. "that turns me on". I reply that I was hoping so. Then I tell you we had the whole night together and ask if you want to hear what else we did. You answer that yes you do but right now you want us to do the girl version. I agree so the rest will have to be told later.....
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Damn you are amzing