Yo the scariest thing happen to me the yesterday. So i gave my dogs (a pit-bull and a chilwhuawhua) some left over food and so i left the room for a split second then i realized my Chihuahua wasn't there eating so i started to look for her and i found her on the ground choking so i started to do the himelick renewver ( you know the thing you do to get food out your throat) anyways it wasn't working, so i rolled her on her back and it was the saddest thing ever her body was dead like and there was food all over her face and her eyes, so i started to do CPR on her (yes i did mouth to mouth... Because i cant bear to lose her, i love that dog) so that wasn't working and i started to break down and started to tear up and eventually i opened her mouth, and stuck my finger in her throat and pulled out all the food and she LIVED!!! :') afterwards i gave my mom a hug and started crying ... Nobody knew she was dying besides me until my stepdad woke up and saw me giving CPR then he tryed to help but i was just lucky i realized it wasnt like her not to eat.. Thank you god!!!
PorkNugget PorkNugget
18-21, M
Aug 23, 2014