The scariest thing happen to me. Two days ago my mom wanted to give my dogs leftovers (A pit-bull named: Stripe and a Chihuahua named: Candy). So i gave them the leftovers and left the room for a split second then i came back and seen candy was gone usually she eats like crazy, i thought to myself why is she not eating? So then i looked down the hallway and seen her in the floor rolling. Well i started to walk up to her and seen she was choking on the food so started to do the himelick renewver ( you know that thing you do to get food out your throat). Anyways it wasn't working so i flipped her over and it was the saddest thing ever because her body was dead like and there was food all over her face and eyes, so started to give her CPR ( Yes!! I did do mouth to mouth). That wasn't working either so i started to break down and tear up. So i just hurryed up and pride her mouth open and stuck my fingers in her throat and started to pull out all the food... Nasty i know. But i love that dog and im grateful to have her in my life another day.
PorkNugget PorkNugget
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Afterward i told my mom i saved the dogs live gave her a hug and cried and felt like a hero.