My Love For Him

all day every day all i seem to think about is he okay? what's he doing? who is he with? etc. Whenever he goes out i used to think about the other females and if he is behaving himself, but now he has shown me that i can trust him. this made my love for him grow even the point where it hurts. it hurts not being able to have him hold me every night and whisper in my ear that he loves me before i fall asleep. it hurts not being able to receive his kisses on my forehead. i just miss him so much and sometimes i feel like i cant do much for him. being that i do not drive, i cant just go and see him when i want, but being in love with him has motivated me more to get my life together. i knew one day i would have to move on and get my license and because of him, i put my fear of driving behind me and stopped procrastinating. it amazes me because no one has succeed but him to make me forget about the terrible car accident i was in years ago; i no longer care about that..all i care about is being able to see him and be with him more often. because of him, i chose to stay home and finish a lab report instead of going out and partying. because of him, i made the effort to change negative attitudes about me because in the long run it not only benefited him, but also myself. Because of him i changed, i changed into a better person. i did it all for him, because all theses changes helped my well being as well as helping bring me another step closer to him.
Pinkee876 Pinkee876
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I can't believe that. I have fallen in love with a man that. I don't even know woah. It's so amazing to me that. I've been so good to him and. I'm so sure that. God the Creator of everything and everyone. I have chose him over all the other men in this. World dammit it just amazes me that. I could give a damn about other men as well. I've been so bad that. It doesn't scare the crap outta. Israel Macias now and forever well hehehe time will tell that. I'm not gonna give up on his hot handsome and gorgeous *** at all or ever.