Sassy Chearleaders!

When I was 21 my younger brother was a senior in HS. Their first football game of the year was at a school approx. 40 miles away. I wanted to watch him play but did not know how to get there. My brother suggested i follow the school "fan" bus. This bus took the students, teachers and Cheerleaders to the games. I get there early and followed the bus on to the interstate. As we are traveling , I notice the Cheerleaders are in the rear of the bus and are making faces at me. I waved to them and they all giggled. Then a girl moons me. I can see her nice little butt and red panties pressed hard against the glass. so I waved again. A few more miles and one of the girls flashes her boobies at me, pressing them against the glass. I am beginning to enjoy the show, so I gave a quick honk of the car horn. they all ducked down and I am sure were laughing and giggling up a storm. Well a few more miles and I look up and see a naked bottom, less panties pressed against the glass! I did not honk this time, I was shocked! Thrilled and embarassed! As the bus pulled into the opposing teams parking lot, I followed it in, and parked next to the bus. As I exited my car I hear a scream..."OMG it is that guy in the car" I look over at the Cheerleaders just 20 feet away, and said, "Nice show girls, thank you".
They all ran screaming!
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2011

LOL - Its like they didn't realize that you could also be going to the game. I bet they don't do THAT again. ;~)

i thought it was pretty silly at the time!

good one but bet that ant the only show you were interested in. lol reality is so much more fun is it not. <br />
wonder how many more shows they put on.

They were cute but very young for me! Only about 16 or 17..