It Was A Warm Indian Summer Day In Northern Michigan.

Twas the night before the hunting season opened in Northern Michigan, Fall of 1977. I had planned a Bow hunting trip to my favorite Hunting grounds. I woke up at 4 am for the two hour drive North. Arriving at the state forest, I was surprised at the warm wind blowing. I quickly put my camo's on and face paint, and headed off to a small grove of pine trees. As the sun peeked over the hills, I began to scan the forest. Squirrels, rabbits and Pheasants abounded. No deer!
I moved further into the forest, hunching down behind a large fallen tree.
I stayed quiet for about two hours and was getting bored. I decided to move to a new spot, when I noticed a movement in the brush!
I stared at the movement until my eyes began to water. The movement seemed to be random, yet steady. I was too far away to make out what I was seeing.
Was it a deer's Antlers? A Squirrel playing? It was too high off the ground to be a squirrel.
A large stump and log were blocking my view.
I decided to move in closer. So I slowly walked over to another fallen tree, about half way to where the movement was. I must have been quite the sight, with my camo's, and face paint, not to mention my 50 pound bow.
From this new location, I could see much better, but still could not make out the sight before me. What the hell was it! Not a deer, I decided. It would have spooked by now.
I was disappointed but continued to scan the woods for more movement.
Again something flashed from behind the big tree stump. It seemed like it was white? Wow!
My heart began to beat again, as I envisioned a deer's fluffy white tail or ears flipping in the
wind. I got quiet again, and stared hard. Damn! I wish I had brought some binoculars.

Suddenly I see something move again. This time, I just stand up and take about three steps in it's direction, bow and arrow ready.
There it was, not 20 feet away!
An arm with a men's watch on it, sticking up in the air!
WTF! I moved closer to see what the hell was going on. Then a head appears. it is the top of a woman's head, hair flowing across her face. I take one more step forward, dropping my bow to my side.
Two bodies, naked, the female in the cowboy position, doing the nasty right in front of me.
I began to laugh quietly!
Screwing in the woods during the hunting season, how silly!
I slowly backed away, careful to not break any branches.
I backed out of the pine forest, then walked around the trees to the edge of a large corn field.
A good feeding spot for deer.
I sat down on a stump near a fence post and watched for any signs of deer.
Suddenly I heard some laughter, and a young girl with a much older man came walking out of the pines, down the tractor trail bordering the corn field. They walked with in 10 feet of me, then noticed me sitting there.

"See anything of interest!" calls out the girl.

"Not really, been very quiet today!" I replied.

"Well at least it is a pretty day!" She replied.

I got up and headed for home! Laughing all the way!
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Wonderfully well written story.

They had luck that their heads didn't ended hanging on your wall! :-D

I'm speechless. *laugh* No wait. I have to say something. So you go looking for Bambies to shoot...and you find nekid, horny people doing the nasty instead eh? *shakes head and giggles* If you don't put all of these stories in a book...and publish it...I'm going to...and I will NOT share the money with you. Nope. Not one single penny. *grin* As usually...I *loved* your story Irish. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. :)

it was a shock to me. It was the last thing i expected to see in the forest. I am so happy you all enjoyed it.

Love it!