You've Been On My Mind

I very briefly dated this guy in highschool whom I had known through theatre.  He went to another highschool and was a year older than me. Sooooo cute. But even back then, I was a junior and he a senior, it was more than that. He was smart and witty and when he looked at me as we spoke it was like having a whole other conversation. I know it sounds corny but there was this connection. Over the years when I would come back to our hometown for short stints I would find myself hoping to run into him. I knew he was around because he was very involved inlocal theatre. Ocassionally I still see him on a commerical. And to this day, sixteen years later, I still get that little feeling in the pit of my stomach. While I was back going to school I would see him on campus and we would talk for awhile. I couldn't get enough. If I had less self control I would have told him so many times that I just want the chance to see where it could go. To get to know him again because I can't stop thinking about him. The glitch? By this time he was married and had a kid. The next year he moved away to grad school. With his wife and kid. I truly just miss him and want him back in my life. How can it be that I miss someone so much who has been out of my life more years than in my life. Ever hear the song "Mama, you've been on my mind" by Bob Dylan? I don't want to cause issues, but I want him to know. I love in silence and admire from a far. But I will always wait.

sagebutterfly sagebutterfly
31-35, F
Feb 24, 2009