Obsessive. and Compulsive. With a Disorder.

We haven't spoken for months. Haven't met for even longer. Haven't dated for almost two years. Haven't kissed for a little longer than that. Haven't liked eachother for almost three years. Haven't trusted eachother for three and a half.

Yet It's only been seconds since you crossed my mind. Minutes since I wondered about you. Hours since I imagined a fight. Days since I felt paranoid. A week since I needed a chaperone. Two weeks since I had a nightmare.

While you are out there with wife, and baby, and criminal record, I am where you left me; broken and afraid in the middle of no where. I know that I will never truely be rid of you until I am far away with no phone. I may have to change my name, but at least I will be away from your lies. It will never matter that I begged you to leave, or that everyone finally trusts me. You penetrated my life in more ways than I thought possible.

And all I have to console me are my thoughts of how much I actually hate you.

ShopGirl ShopGirl
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2009