Time And God

Wow, almost a year latter. time has really proven something. patients! it is a lesson you continuely keep on learning as the time constantly passes by. Ive also learned that it is way easier to just let things go. Yes that is a well know statement but when it is really known in the heart thats when it becomes a real life changing exsperiance. As for me this year has not been the same well you may ask what does the same mean well in my opinion id like to say it is a normal daily routine where nothing in your life challenges you to change. thats what God does he shows you the reality of this life if you allow him to he also will show you the way out of it. What does patients have to do with the storey. It has everything to with it. In Each trial you need to seek what the lord is trying to show you and in doing so you must be patient because if you are to focused on getting out of the trial youll miss the whole purpose your even going through it. witch in james chapter four verse one it says that ye war amongst each other because of your lusts witch in term i see it as we are all sinners there for God wants us to sacrifice our lust for his devine will and allow his love to cover us and our job as well is to be patient, strong, love one nother. all things that are good.


zipporrah zipporrah
26-30, F
Feb 12, 2010