Can't Believe It! A baseball Story.

The last 3 games have been a disaster for my son n I. 1st disaster, his glove was right there one minute n gone the nxt. Gettn ready to go to the game, uniform- chk, hat- chk, helmet- chk, bat- chk, where's your glove I ask, idk. I lookd evrywhere, inside n outside, no glove anywhere. So we end up bein late for the game, thankfully he team shared gloves with him. Told my hubby that as soon as we get home it will be right in front of our face. Sure enuff we walk in kitchen door n BAM! Right there on floor with the shoes. Damit I lookd in kitchen. 2nd disaster, alright let's get ready to go, everyone in truck. Uniform- chk, hat- chk, GLOVE- chk, where's your helmet n bat? Idk. Ugh! Lookd everywhere n ended up bein late again n no bat or helmet, ugh WTF! 3rd disaster, ok we got it all ready ahead of time. No chance of bein late n without equipment this time, it's all together. Uniform- chk, glove- chk, bat- chk, helmet- chk, where's your hat? I forgot it in school he said. UGH!!! Ok atleast we won't be late this time cuz were stuck looking for it. We get to the field, BUT IT'S THE WRONG PARK!!! We Are LATE!!!
AngelJoy AngelJoy
31-35, F
Jun 8, 2012