I Can't Believe It!

Town's battered by raining fish


Dropping by ... mystery fish

Christine Balmer / News.com.au 

Published: 01 Mar 2010 

BAFFLED residents in a remote town have been left dumbstruck - after it rained FISH for two days.

Locals in Lajamanu, Oz, have had hundreds of small white fish tumbling from the heavens 326 MILES from the nearest river.

Many of the fish were still alive when they hit the ground but no one knows where they came from.

Local Christine Balmer said: "I haven't lost my marbles. They fell from the sky everywhere. Locals were picking them up off the footie oval."

The fish are believed to be common spangled perch.

Weather experts say they could have been sucked up by a thunderstorm before being dumped hundreds of miles away.

Mark Kersemakers, a senior forecaster at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, said: "It could have scooped the fish up 40,000 to 50,000 feet in the air.

"Once they get up into the system they are pretty much frozen. After some period they are released."

The town in Australia's Northern Territory has a population of 669. Last week's event was the third time it had happened - the fishy phenomenon also struck in 1974 and 2004.

Joe Ashley, 55, from Outback town Jabiru, said: "What if anything bigger falls out of the sky?

"It could be crocodiles. That would be real scary."


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5 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Problem there was, they wern't Catfish. The bible makes mention of a plague of frogs so are these rain of fish a biblical sign? Yeah,sure the scientific explanation is the fish being scooped up by a storm but even if we run with that there are hundreds of sea born storms but they dont all rain fish and as frogs are fresh water people whats the explanation there?

well not wonder my cat was so pissed of, it happened in the Northern Territory and we are in New South Wales the other side of the country. Puss-in -boots wasted all that time looking up yesterday and had to settle for tinned fish last night, not a happy kitty LOL.

The earliest mention of it raining fish is 1861 in Singapore and it even rains fish in the future (any Red Dwarf fans will know what i mean!)

Three days???!!!<br />
That sounds like a load of carp!

Does global warming mean the fish will eventually be coming down ready cooked?