I Remember Him...

Ironically, I've never been a fan. I don't know if I listened to more than three songs by him in my entire life, but when I heard he died, I was really sorry about it (and not just because death usually upsets me.) Actually, a couple weeks ago I was in the car with my parents and this really gentle, nice song came on and I was like, "who's singing that?". Apparently it was a Michael Jackson song, much nicer than I remembered from when I was 10 and didn't enjoy the 1 or 2 songs by him that I heard. I actually made it a point to look up some more songs by him on youtube, realizing he was a much better singer than I had thought. Maybe that's because when I started listening to more varied music, I was seeing more articles on his life than on his work... which is sad, really. Last night I finally listened to another song by him, "Childhood", and it was very beautiful. I intend to listen to more by him, though it feels a bit odd to do that now... Anyway, even though I wasn't a fan before, I was incredibly annoyed at this member - worse, he's a moderator for who knows what reasons - who posted a topic on a forum saying it's good that MJ died... I mean, even if you don't like his music or eccentricity, what kind of a ****** up person would be happy that someone died? :(

But somehow, the reason I just can't believe he's dead is that he's probably one of the first singers I've ever heard about. I may not have listened to his music much or known much about him, but I knew his name and who he was since like forever. It's so surreal and sad to think he's not around anymore. Plus, it feels sadder yet that I've only now discovered how talented he was.


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I agree with all of you... he will be greatly missed...<br />
We love you Michael... And we know that you love us more...

Just a lovely story , it is hard to believe he is gone . I adored his music talent , dance , humanitarian heart . He was a gift , but misunderstood by some .<br />
<br />
I miss him dearly . So glad you are getting to know his genius now :) he would so love it ..<br />
Thank you for awesome story xxxo LCW <br />
He lives on in our hearts , music , videos , etc :)