I Can't Believe Myself; Plunged Back In All Too Willingly; Update

So I wrote that for I had just discovered this website and had a lot of venting to do.
Now I returned from my rehab for the second time only a week ago.
I have relapsed since then but I have a new outlook on life.
I live for today, I'm involved in sports and like them a lot.
As I listen to linkin parks song paper cut, I know the feeling they sing and rap.
I fight it on a daily basis.
Now I realize I have a beautiful life that needs not be wasted on drugs and men.
I live for myself, stay clean day by day for myself.
I've learned so much, I pray that my higher power will help me stay clean.
So I'm doing 100% better than I was so I'm doing great(:
Thanks to anyone that reads, I;d love to have your support for my writing.
I know I've only posted depressing stuff, but I will return after working my steps with artwork and writing, but I must figure myself out first.
Kidd12 Kidd12
18-21, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

that's a great way of looking at it!

Well I support you. Most people only post depressing stuff on here. I think its expected after spending so long on here. For me its usually like "hey lets go on EP and see which friend is about to make a bad decision so I can stop them".