Now He's A Ghost


PacMan Found Dead, At Age 30.

22 February 2010 One Comment

The body of Pacman was found this morning by his wife, Mrs. PacMan.  However rumors are starting to circulate that she might have played a role in  the sudden and unexpected death of the Video Game Superstar.

If you remember, last month a photo surfaced in the National Gaming News Magazine of Mrs. PacMan’s heated affair with Inky, a ghost that kept no secret about his hatred towards Mr. PacMan.   Investigators are not saying if Inky played a role in the death of the gaming superstar, or even if Mrs. PacMan was involved.   All they will say is, “we are very interested to know where Inky and Mrs. PacMan were around 1:45 a.m. this morning.”

When Mr. PacMan met Mrs. PacMan the world took them in, loved them and it catapulted them both from star to superstar.   Some said it was a match made in heaven.   They were followed and loved wherever they went.   Together they were our modern day ghost busters.

PacMan was survived by his wife, Mrs. PacMan and their son, PacMan Jr.    It’s still unclear where PacMan will be laid to rest, but some sources are saying, it’s a place where they are sure he will be happy.

As a reporter who grew up watching PacMan and enjoying his games.  I can tell you with certainty, he will be missed.

May He Rest In Peace…



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Feb 25, 2010