Another Reason For Me Not To Like Her

From Yahoo Buzz:

Remember those quizzes you had on the state capitals back in junior high? Oh, the pressure! The temptation to write "Pierre, Olympia, Dover, Albany" on the inside of your hand was overwhelming, wasn't it? But you resisted. Maybe Sarah Palin should have done the same.

The former vice presidential candidate seems to have been caught using curious crib notes during an interview this past weekend at the high-profile Tea Party Convention in Nashville. While speaking about her top political priorities, Ms. Palin gazed at her hand in a rather suspicious manner.

Later, Web researchers zoomed in on her left palm and found the following words scrawled in black ink: "Energy, Budget cuts (with "budget" crossed out), Tax, Lift American Spirits."



 How dumb can you be to write crib notes on your hand and let everyone on TV see it?

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Well, everybody always gets a good laugh when they find out that someone in the spotlight is actually human. At least she isn't playing a puppet like the others...reading someone else's words like it's some kind of highschool play. Imperfect though she is(Aren't we all?), at least she CARES about the American people...more than money, or an agenda. Kudos to this Woman for standing up for what she believes in even when it is unpopular. And kudos to her for holding her on in this "man's world".

That's nothing! George W wrote crib-notes on his feet!